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Track Dimmable Driver

Track Dimmable Driver

Illumination series of track and Dimmable LED drivers and round modules are ideal for developing full product lines with extensive ranges of light output and control options. Illuminations round LED modules are available with outputs ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 lumens. Their chip on board technology provides a crisp and evenly illuminated light source. With 50K hour lumen maintenance of 80% or higher, these Illumination modules are ideal for applications demanding high lighting quality performance and long life. Illuminations Track Dimmable Driver applications provide unsurpassed control capabilities for a variety of applications. This 350mA, 700mA, and 1050mA drivers provide a wide range of coverage from 15W up to 150W.


    • High-efficiency solutions

     • Lumen output options

     • Flexibility for multiple applications


    The Key purpose – Replacements for halogen, CFL, and low wattage metal halide systems. Illumination Provides energy savings and longer life. Controllable options – Use with dimming systems for ambient lighting control – Integrate with photo sensors for daylight harvesting. The new LED Track Dimmable Driver technology can be used to change the lighting to meet the technical and design needs of the moment, creating a pleasant effect; this soft or accent lighting is perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, and homes. The luminance and the color temperature of the Track Dimmable Driver luminaries are located in the comfort zone of Illumination, and as a result lighting conditions are pleasing and relaxing. The quality of the color rendering is fundamental because it affects both the perception of the items being lit and the décor and composition of the space. The LED Track Dimmable Driver technology can be used to dim 2000K to 3000K luminaries, at the same time keeping an excellent CRI (up to 97), as well as having an exceptional R9 value (up to 92).

    The Warm Dimming Temperature technology is available for the client and can be adopted for luminary’s ranges. On request, Track Dimmable Driver technology is also available for other ranges.