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Star Ceiling Lights

Star Ceiling Lights

Illuminations are a huge enterprise that supplies and delivers fiber optic versions of star ceiling kits. Illuminations have a wide range of show displays for small and medium size floor, walls and ceiling fit. The Company provides you with everything you would require to set up your own Star Ceiling Lights. They include illuminators complete installation manual and layout along with the fiber optic cables.


    Identify Your Need:

    • Figure out how many stars you need to acquire per square foot for your dimension.
    • Understand how many different types of star’s and their size in terms of matter.
    • Optimize on the type of special effect and lighting that you need for your Star Ceiling Lights.
    • Some Examples of Effects are colour only effect, twinkle effects, colour only effects and white or coloured twinkling effects.

    The most popular design and usage of the fiber optic ceiling are the demand for a Star ceiling Lights. One way of transforming your house or hotel or even establishment into a celestial show is by installing Fiber optics Led star ceiling lights. This, however, differs as per the diameter of an acrylic fiber that is why we are here. Illuminations can help you find the perfect design and make up for the perfect ceiling Lights. We can even arrange the type of pattern or design along with the illuminating control to adjust dimming and brightening of the ceiling. These Star Ceiling Lights come with uniformity and sync as they need to be inserted by their diameter to cater out an astronomical experience.



    • Long lasting even after twinkling.
    • Well designed to brighten and save energy.
    • Powered for thought with LED lights it is now possible to get double the brightness and quarter the power consumption.
    • Illumination delivery as promise with a good reputation of LED lights supply and demand in the market.