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Outdoor IP67 Linear Lights

Outdoor IP67 Linear Lights

At Illuminations, We don’t want the end of the day to be when the sun sets. We want to prolong a sense of light in public spaces where people enjoy being outdoors. Our outdoor LED lights are used in local parks, streets and on architectural features in an attempt to make outdoor space ideal for urban socializing. We seek to raise standards of efficiency and visual comfort with all of our outdoor lighting ideas and strive to provide durable and reliable luminaries. All of our outdoor LED lightings is robust and reliable, incorporating advanced optics and energy-saving technology, to provide the most efficient and contemporary advanced light. Adaptive light, the management, and digital connection services are the innovation frontiers we use to make light a value that everyone can enjoy.

Grazing light highlights and emphasizes the three-dimensionality of any vertical surface. By interacting and playing with the textures of walls, light can build appealing and spectacular images that create new environments, which simply do not exist in the day. The optics in these luminaries are carefully monitored to ensure that the lighting is even and uniform. The light can be either static or dynamic in terms of both colour temperature and RGB tones. And matching indoor and outdoor installations guarantee style continuity with specific high-resistance features and long-lasting reliability.


    •    All-purpose IP67 LED linear illumination

    •    High efficacy fixture with durable construction

    •    Lightweight, easy to install versatile design

    •    Ideal for environmentally-demanding locations


    Outdoor IP67 Linear Light is a high efficacy, durable LED linear light designed to withstand the harsh conditions of demanding work environments. This next generation IP67 LED utility light is ideal for outdoor applications that require high-pressure washing. The Illumination series is available in a wide angle, glare-free uniform lighting. It comes with an accessible, built-in junction box for easy wiring and installation.