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Multiplex Step Lights

Multiplex Step Lights

A Multiplex Step lights to use a technique where a device is not emitting the display at single given time. It either emits characters or colour combinations at a time giving the illusion of being a continuous projector effect. Truly a very creative LED light effect. A combination consisting of 5 Unique colour’s that are infused into one unit in a compact and yet well-versed way. The LED light can be projected through the multiplex device for a colossal area on the ceiling or floor or even a stage or a wall base. The device follows a 256 ultra bright LEDs that range in the colours of red, blue, green, white and the enchanting amber. The device is fixated with a special optic focusing lens to give it’s the much desired specific effects. And when you add a smoke machine the lights really get taken to a next level enhancement. The fixture comes with its own stand-out features that incorporate 12 built-in automatic patterns, You can even customise this light show with sound frequency and DMX mode for creative lighting LED effects. No wonder we have clients who purchase these lights for ideal usage in Nightclubs bars, and DJ’ set plays.



    •    256 Ultra brightness LEDS

    •    Vast Area Coverage

    •    12 Automatic Standout patters

    •    IEC power daisy continuous chain facility

    •    Durable and anti corrosive

    •    Mounting Brackets and Fixture

    •    Easily Portable and User friendly Installation


    Advantages of Multiplex usage:

    •    Diminished Wiring(no added wire setup)

    •    Reduction in costing expenditures

    •    Economic Power Consumption

    •    Avoided Complex Electronics

    Multiplex Step lights are used almost everywhere from corporate parties to disco and club night setups. Multiplex Step Lights Are available with Illuminations as per requirement with the Consumer or Client. Illuminations have captured the client's interest by providing high-quality Multiplex Step LED lights for customised usage.