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Led Residential Lights

Led Residential Lights

Illuminations create Led Residential Lights based on a property’s unique elements and lighting needs. We design lighting systems that work in conjunction with your landscape to enhance the beauty around your property, while also providing security. Interior lighting including retrofitting existing can lighting, new LED lighting, feature and art lighting, under cabinet lighting, as well as occupancy sensors for bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, closets.


    Types of Led Residential Lights

    • Ambient Lighting: Ambient (or general) lighting provides a uniform amount of lighting throughout an area or room for general vision and orientation.
    • Task Lighting: To provide light in an area where an activity takes place, e.g. the kitchen counter top where meals are prepared a reading lamp or a make-up mirror. It is meant to highlight a specific area in addition to the ambient light in that room.
    • Accent Lighting: It’s used to highlight objects like works of art, architectural features or plants, by creating contrast in brightness. This is often achieved using recessed or surface mount adjustable fixtures or track lighting, wall grazing and wall-washing.
    • Decorative Lighting: This is the jewelry for the home; the main function of decorative lighting fixtures is to look pretty. Chandeliers and wall sconces are typical examples.


    This layered approach to LED Residential Lights is useful to create a comfortable, visually balanced atmosphere. Once it is decided what type of fixture will be placed where for the various functions, it’s time to think about the color temperature. The light should complement the interior design, furniture, colors and other decoration in your home. In general, color temperature is very much a personal choice and preference; however there are a few rules that can be applied to help choosing a light that compliments the interior design. Color Temperatures for Ambient Light: The ambient lighting in a room is typically the main source of light and therefore a key element in setting the overall mood and ambiance for a room.