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LED Under Water Lights

LED Under Water Lights

Illuminations are dedicated to the dealership with the best under water lighting, whether it’s a boat or a swimming pool. Illuminations have a high benchmark, with a number of parameters, that makes it the best when it comes to a dealership. Illuminations can help in LED light set ups if it’s a swimming pool, a yacht or any under water concepts. Illuminations have rapidly increased their technology and awareness expansion in new up to date LED sequences and designs. Illuminations, have enveloped itself as a true pioneer in LED Under Water Lights. Illuminations covers LED lights from single color to multi or dual color under water lights. Illuminations portray a wide range of unparalleled colour coding lighting systems.


    We can, therefore, say that working with Illuminations has truly a high potential LED supplier, dealing with LED Under Water Lights that are

    •    Anti-rust.

    •    Well within Parameter Guide lines.

    •    Durable.

    •    Efficient.

    •    Power saver.


    LED designs are incorporated by illuminations because we have the power to provide you with state of the art LED effects that do not corrode, even though it is under water. Using the technology of wave lengths and applying advanced electronic, Illuminations produces a unique LED Under Water Lights, that are pre-designed to give a vibrant and embed. With the help of a wide spectrum, Illumination is able to dispense a high powerful beam of under water colours, that give the brightness but do not consume extra power. When it comes to LED Under Water Lights, the sequence of the series is customized and easily displays a variety of unique colours from a single combined light. It can even have sensor effects, like converting sound to light in the display.

    Facts about LED Under Water Lights

    •    Affordable High-Intensity LED Underwater Light.

    •    Surface Mount or Small Hole for Wiring.

    •    Lower amperage draw (130mA) and longer life than conventional bulbs.

    •    No high heat like most other underwater lights.

    •    White, Blue or Green Illumination.