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LED Surface Profile Lights

LED Surface Profile Lights

The Illumination Led Surface Profile Lights series is great for bookshelf lighting, cupboard lighting, cove lighting, cabinet shelf lighting, desk hutch lighting, ceiling lighting, and more. This low-profile surface-mount LED channel provides a professional mounting solution for flexible, rigid, or Surface lighting. The extrusion can be mounted to surfaces with the use of double-sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets. The mounting bracket guarantees easy and secure mounting of the extrusion surface. It can also work as a connector between two extrusions LED fixture can also be assembled to be waterproof and has its ingress of solids, dust, and water) equal IP 67. All Led Surface Profile Lights are well tested and are checked with all safety and parameters. Illuminations make sure you get your value for money.


    •    Small dimensions

    •    The profile can fit slim design

    •    Easy fit in thin furniture pieces,

    •    Lightweight

    •    Easily release heat,

    •    Environment friendly


    Where you want the professional look of a factory finished light fitting this profile is ideal.

    Suitable for:

    •    Cabinets / Cupboards

    •    Wall Mounting

    •    Floor Edging

    All of the Led Surface Profile Lights provide a superb finish to any of your custom designed furniture where they may be on display such as under cabinets. Or focus lights. These LED Surface Profile Lights pose a role as providing efficient light and lamination as well as creating an authentic appearance with glamor. The colors can be incorporated whether to display the light in an up or down position for bar themes and such the cabinet showcases.