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LED Linear Lights

LED Linear Lights

For the replacement of fluorescent lamps, Illuminations offers two types of rigid LED modules in the area of linear light engines and LED modules –LED Linear Lights operated by constant current and LED Linear Lights, operated by a 24-volt constant voltage.

Led Linear Lights are particularly suitable for near field applications, such as shelf lighting and decorative applications extending to cove lighting. On the other hand, owing to the high luminous flux, LED Linear is used in lighting applications in commercial, industrial and retail areas.

The 24V product range Led Linear Lights makes it possible for the installer to mount linear applications with ease using an extensive range of accessories for quick installation and light control. In contrast, LED Linear Lights has been developed for illuminating purposes and is optimized for efficiency and excellent optical properties. With Led Linear Lights, you get lamps that require minimal space without compromising on the quality. Illuminations offer Led Linear lights with customized lighting products available in many variants. With this new type of lamp, you can get your light installed in your home as part of the ceiling. It is now possible to let the light run on the floor or down the wall which makes the light integrated into the room. This creates an exclusive atmosphere.

Illumination always offers custom-made sizes and a lot of accessories such as corners and parts for other difficult angles, which can be purchased to make the lighting solution fit perfectly to your needs. Furthermore, you can add Led Linear Lights, which can be customized into extremely small LED strip that can fit into every little corner where normal LED spots or lamps are too big.


    •   Long Lasting

    •   Power Saving

    •   Custom Design Option


    When choosing Led Linear Lights, you can get a cozy, warm light, a cold light or RGB setup. Even with low wattage luminaries like Led Linear Lights, it is always worth considering energy saving. It can be a good solution to install manual dimming, which aside from energy saving makes it possible to change the atmosphere and mood lighting in the room. As Led Linear Lights has been developed in the past few years, the prices are now extremely affordable. Nonetheless LED Linear Lights is very easy to install. All of these specifications make Linear lighting the perfect LED solution for places where you don’t have a lot of space but want exclusive and energy-saving light.