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LED Inground Linear Profile IP67

LED Inground Linear Profile IP67

Illumination LED Inground Linear Profile Ip67 range it’s a full-line of in-ground LED Lighting fixtures for applications like paths, trees, columns, and pillars. Our Illumination range, with its IP67 protection rating, includes LED in-ground lights suitable for outdoor installations with a high light output to create vivid colors or monochromatic sets.


    High performance LED to create rich and dynamic lighting effect

    •    Compact quality

    •    Shock resistance 2000kg

    •    Reliable waterproof design to avoid water infiltration



    Illuminations cover all types of underground lights like Landscape Decoration, Walkway Lighting, Wall Feature, UL System, Wet Listed, Load bearing up to 200 Kg. We are dedicated to creating IP 67 parameters to create glare-free, white or colored, diffused light lines in straight, continuous curve, or right-angle designs for ground- or floor-level surfaces. Flush-mounted strips, encapsulated in cast polyurethane resin and  mounted within epoxy-coated, stainless-steel light bodies, come in single colors or continuously, color-changing RGBW.

    Continuous LED linear lighting strips now assist lighting and architectural designers increase aesthetics through memorable accents of light channels.  Illuminations strips create white or colored diffused light lines in straight, continuous curve or right-angle designs.  Suitable for all pedestrian traffic or drive over in all weather. It readily adapts for permanent use in upscale commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality and governmental installations.  Aside from its crisp aesthetic, Illumination Inground creates experiences.  Change outdoor areas day or evening to spaces suited for community gatherings or events, instantly.  Evenly illuminated linear light never fails to impress day or night, year-round. Create more pedestrian traffic Lighting pathways over existing walkways and entrances, economically.  Illumination Led Inground linear profile IP67 designers the ability to create custom linear lighting designs with flexibility, high performance, and exceptional energy savings.