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LED Foot Lights

LED Foot Lights

Illumination is a full-service commercial lighting company. Our services are tailored specifically to help clients utilize the benefits of LED lighting solutions to improve not only cost savings but the overall appearance of your premises. Utilizing our industry experience and technical expertise, we supply the most effective lighting for your particular requirement. Whether its commercial, industrial, hospitality or care you will benefit from our service and supply of quality LED products

We manufacture Led Foot Lights used widely for indoor applications. Which all have been proven to give a positive note under cover with all safety and quality parameters. Our LED packings for footlights are made easy and safe for delivery without any damages incurred. We can handle all types of bulk orders for Led Foot Lights as per the requirements of the client.


    •    Durability

    •    Consistency

    •    Low power consumption


    Let our knowledge of LED and experience supplying across a broad range of sectors support your efforts to save money and the planet.  Whether you are a national wholesaler looking for products to fill an order or an independent school or business LED Foot Lights have you covered.    

     We Provide you with

    • Outdoor foot lights
    • LED foot Lights
    • Indoor Foot Lights

    Foot lights can be used in passages, verandas, and driveways, even a garage any place to illuminate the light. This gives sufficient light through a move and navigates also creating a beautiful ambiance. Installed generally near floor entrance. Foot lights requires less power to operate and can also work on battery, if there is a power shortage making sure you are not left alone in the dark.

    Foot lights are very popular in a garden and other spacious regions that require just a dimming effect or light so the area can be illuminated to get the perfect scene like out of a movie.