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LED Flexible Linear Lights IP65

LED Flexible Linear Lights IP65

Led Flexible Linear Lights Ip65 is ideal for lighting many different areas in the kitchen. It can be used as plinth lighting, under cabinet lighting, under the worktop and even on the top of cabinets to shine towards the ceiling. Aluminum extrusions are available to create a sleek look, which is particularly useful in kitchens without a pelmet. Our Led Flexible Linear Lights Ip65 are available in various lengths, and the last strip on a run can be cut to size at intervals at 50mm if required.

Can be used for decorative lighting, brilliant in  kitchens and bathrooms.


    • Low power consumption.
    • 60 LEDs per Meter - 300 LEDs for 5MWater resistant
    • 240 Lumens per Meter
    • 12V LED driver required - see separate listing.


    IP 65 stands for being Protected from total dust ingress and water resistant. The Outdoor Color Bright  White LED strip lights come as a 16' 5" or 8' reel of linear LED lights. We mount LED chips on a flexible strip of printed circuit board (PCB) with a strong adhesive backing. A silicone cover protects the strip from splashes of water and foreign elements. Sometimes referred to as "LED tubeights," the flexible design of LED strips means the lights can be installed in basically any space you can imagine. The fact that the flexible PCB can be bent up to 90 degrees and cut every 3 LEDs makes it a very versatile and customizable solution for adding blue lighting wherever you need it. The LED Flexible Linear Lights Ip65 protection not only allows the lights to withstand jets of water but also makes them extremely easy to clean.