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LED Exit Lights

LED Exit Lights

Illuminations feature a whole category of lineups when it comes to LED Exit Lights, with illuminating sign boards. Light emitting diodes aka LED are clearly energy savers. In a nutshell more light in small packages, using up to only one tenth, ie 1/10th of the power consumption. Think about it, that’s a saving on expenditures itself. Moreover, the life span of an LED Exit Lights is 50 times longer than the primitive lightings. That is incandescent or lamps that are halogen. The concept of using LED lights has been used to illuminate exit signs, to adhere to insurance standards and building fire safety regulations.


        Positives of using LED Exit Lights:

    •    More Illuminant

    •    Clear and Efficient

    •    More Visibility for emergency Exits

    •    Long Lasting

    •    Power Management

    The advantage of these highly influential Led Exit Signs uses maintenance free Ni – Cad batteries. These power cells are smaller in size and greatly tolerant of any discharge abnormalities than primitive acid batteries. A person who swaps these old batteries with more efficient LED batteries can help you save a month on every monthly power bill.

    In the case of LED Exit signs, it can actually save a life as the light is extremely bright and can be seen in foggy places as well in case of any smoke or fog. Illumination company In the case of fire exit signs can save lives. Did you Know? Exit Signs use less than 5 watts of power. The variety of Signs differ from architectural distinct LED exit signs, High-End Exit Signs, Aluminium Distinct LED lite Signs, Crisp Steel cast Signs, Water resistant or damp location Signs. etc. Our Battery operated signs are extremely long lasting and do not need any power input. Our LED Exit Lights are extremely efficient with providing good long-term energy sign systems.


    Illuminations also can offer you a wide category of Photoluminescent exit signs. These LED Exit Lights eliminate the cost and are non-electrical. Since they do not need any charging cord or plug in they do not require electric or battery operated. They can be considered free of any maintain peace and monitoring. Illumination has followed the law making sure all Safety Signs and regulations of the property is always maintained. When it comes to commercial, industry or residential support it all adds up to the laws of Exit signs required by a company.