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LED Down Lights

LED Down Lights

Every lighting fixture and technology has unique light distribution characteristics. Some deliver a lot of their light to a very concentrated area, others spread their lumen output over a large area. Depending on your application, either characteristic could be valuable. Additionally, some lighting technologies like LED can do a better job of delivering useful light. These adjustable Led Down Lights make great LED cabinet lights. Fully adjustable by set-screws on the side of the trim ring, it's easy to point the light in a direction to highlight objects and collectibles. As LED ceiling light fixtures, you can point the light at wall art, or focus it on a reading chair. Illuminations LED lightings are fully dimmable to suit any task lighting chore or create a pleasant ambiance. When you need to point light in a direction, and even when you don't, this small adjustable LED Down Lights is great for cabinets, display cases, and even soffits and ceilings for direct task lighting.


    •    Miniature spotlight effect

    •    Scenic beauty and ambiance

    •    Power saver

    •    Durability   


    Foot LED is a full-service commercial lighting company. Our services are tailored specifically to help clients utilize the benefits of LED lighting solutions to improve not only cost savings but the overall appearance of your premises. Utilizing our industry experience and technical expertise, we supply the most effective lighting for your particular requirement. Whether its commercial, industrial, hospitality or care you will benefit from our service and supply of quality LED products We offer a full range of  LED bulbs, Tubes, Panels, track lights, Downlight, High & Lowbay, Spotlight, floodlights, strip lights, many other advanced LED lighting.

    Let our knowledge of LED and experience supplying across a broad range of sectors support your efforts to save money and the planet.  Whether you are a national wholesaler looking for products to fill an order or an independent school or business Light Foot LED have you covered.