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LED Deep Recessed Profile

LED Deep Recessed Profile

A deep version of Illuminations popular Led Deep Recessed Profile by providing more distance between the LED and diffuser thus reducing spotting and producing a smoother light appearance. This profile can be supplied with mounting clips for fixing directly to a surface or can be recessed into a 15mm deep groove to allow it to sit flush with the mounting surface.

Recessed lights are one of the most popular modern lighting options for homes and for many office settings. Also called down lights and can lights (short for “canister lights”), they provide general (ambient) lighting, task lighting, or Led Deep Recessed Profile lighting while remaining unobtrusive because the lights are recessed into the ceiling (or in some cases into a wall).

By hiding the lights to a degree, Led Deep Recessed Profile fixtures help to open up space and more prominently feature what’s in a room rather than the lights themselves.


    •    Flush mount installation

    •    Spot Free Lens

    •    Suits I Flex LED Strip Light

    •    Supplied with end caps


    Advances in accent lighting fixture design present a bright future for the LED market and for the plethora of interior spaces that will benefit from the technology. With new LED accent lights, designers have the opportunity to harness a complete portfolio of LED options for holistic recessed lighting applications – from museum and art gallery displays, office lobbies, elevator cabs, hospitality interiors, retail stores, residences, and healthcare facilities. Combined with an architectural family of companion recessed down lights and wall washes, LED Deep Recessed Profile adjustable accents can now be seamlessly integrated into a designed interior space without sacrificing quality or performance while also saving costly resources – time, money and energy.