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LED Cove Lights

LED Cove Lights

A light source is installed on the top of a cabinet or ledge. The light shines upward, creating a dramatic effect. Light can also be directed downwards for a wall washing effect.The modern architecture provides many interesting and unusual shapes and features. With our flexible LED lighting products, you can make bends and curves with ease.In years past, fluorescent tubes were frequently used on ledges. LED T-8 Fluorescent Tube Replacements are now available. They are more energy efficient, last longer and do not flicker. However, even LED T-8 tubes aren't dimmable.You may be better served to replace old fluorescent light fixtures with a flexible LED lighting product. Energy efficient, easy to install, lightweight, low to no heat output, high brightness, dimmable leds.


    Benefits of Led Cove Lights

    •    Led Cove Lights is an effective form of ambient lighting and hence suitable for most spaces.

    •    This lighting doesn’t produce glare as it is an indirect form of lighting.

    •    Cove lighting is aesthetically pleasing. It soothes the eye.

    •    It lends a contemporary look to the interiors.

    •    Cove lighting fixtures like LED ropes can light any shape due to its flexibility.

    •    These fixtures come in a variety of colours.

    •    Some cove lighting fixtures are energy efficient.

    •    It can be used to accentuate the ceiling design.

    •    Cove lighting can effectively light upstairs.

    •    False walls and recessed walls can be magically illuminated by this form of lighting.


    Suggested LED products for your cove lighting:

    Set the mood with LEDs accenting your ceiling cove. The simple enhancement adds a rich ambiance to the space. Install a color changing flexible LED strip for absolute control and customization. Though LED Cove Lights is mostly used in the context of ceilings; walls and floors can also be illuminated by this lighting. You can create a shallow wall recess and illuminate it with cove lighting. The recess can house wall paintings and photographs. Alternatively, a false wall can also have Led Cove Lights installed along its edges.