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LED Bollard Lights

LED Bollard Lights

When you consider “bollard”, the word is derived from the word “bole” that means “post”.  Bollard lighting needs to be really strong as they don’t just face hard weather conditions. They are also prone to the vehicles that have low-speed impacts on the surface structure. Since they are used very often, for traffic markers and directions, they are in constant use. Led bollard lights, last very long compared to old neon or halogen lights. Less damage and stronger durability, have led to the full-time usage of bollard lights. These Led Bollard Lights are also used for identifying the parking space in parking lots and helps the cars from getting too close to each other. Many places have even taken the task of adding these lights on speed breakers, due to the low visibility at night.

These Led Bollard Lights are well rugged, Impact and weather proof. These lights or Led Bollard Lights can be even installed for borders on building and pedestrian lightings, entrances of hotels and valet parking directions. Bollards can be real dangerous, especially at night. The use of adding bright Led Bollard Lights to the nightlife has proven very successful and has reduced night accident by 18%. The LED lights as always prove power efficient, so money saving and long term usage are an added bonus.


    •    Durable

    •    Impact free

    •    Accidental free

    •    Climate resistant


    Many halogens and HID lamps use sulfur or pressurized sodium to light the site. The problem with this is, they tend to be extremely bright and can cause a glare or lack of visibility to vehicles on the go. LED lights, on the other hand, are more visible and the brightness spreads evenly giving you a sailor horizon view. LED grant clear illumination without blinding any motorist and pedestrians.

    LED bollards are becoming the new demand, with people opting for LED Bollard Lights with their low power consumption and long durability. This not only saves power, but also reduces maintenance and replacement costs. For parks and other zones where more lighting is required multiple LED series are placed at specific intervals to give a luscious and illuminated filed. Illuminations have a wide range of these LED lightings with connected easy user-friendly controllers.