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LED Automation Dimmable Driver

LED Automation Dimmable Driver

Drivers can enable dimming and color-changing or sequencing of LEDs. Led Automation Dimmable Driver are easily integrated with circuits to control dimming and color-changing so that these functions can respond to preset commands or occupant presence or commands. Most LED drivers are compatible with commercially available 0-10V control devices and systems such as occupancy sensors, photocells, wall box dimmers, remote controls, architectural and theatrical controls, and building and lighting automation systems. Led Automation Dimmable Driver can also work with devices governed by the DMX and digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) protocols and, in the future, may include wireless (RF) as a control option.


    •    Huger Power saver

    •    Long resistant to constant dimming

    •    Regular Maintenance not required

    •    User friendly


    With the use of fully electronic drivers, the possibilities are endless. Illuminations believe the area is only now being developed, but the tighter integration of all electronic components is expected to reduce the use of discrete components in the field and simplify application.Drivers with dimming capability can dim the LED light output over the full range from 100% to 0%. Dimming drivers can dim LEDs by the reduction in the forward current, pulse width modulation (PWM) via digital control, or more sophisticated methods. Most dimming drivers operate using the PWM method. With this method, the frequency could range from a hundred modulations per second to as high as hundreds of thousands of modulations per second, so that the LED appears to be continuously lighted without flicker.

    Dimming does not result in a loss of efficiency. During dimming, the LED Automation Dimmable Drivers are still operating at the same voltage and current as during full light output. In addition, lamp life is not affected by dimming, as is sometimes the case with frequently dimmed fluorescent lighting. Rather, dimming LEDs may lengthen the useful life of LEDs, because dimming can reduce operating temperatures inside the light source.